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NTX Custom Cabinets, LLC ("we", "us", "our", or "NTX") warrants that, for a period of 1 year from the date of fabrication, our products will be reasonably free of defects in materials and workmanship.  When properly handled, our products will conform, within acceptable tolerances, to applicable manufacturing specifications.  This limited warranty applies only to NTX products which are stored, handled, and cared for properly.  NTX will not be responsible or liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or costs sustained by the user.

NTX's warranty is limited solely to the value of the original materials purchased from NTX and is further limited in amount to the purchase price paid for such materials.  NTX will not be liable for the cost of extraneous materials, labor, travel costs, installation expenses or other related expenditures.  Under no circumstances are any components or parts supplied by NTX returnable or refundable.

The obligation of NTX Custom Cabinets under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or exchange of any part or parts that NTX Custom Cabinets deems proven defective under normal use and service within the warranty period.

We reserve the right to make changes in materials and specifications for NTX Custom Cabinets product without notification and have no obligation to incorporate such changes in cabinetry or product previously manufactured.

NTX Custom Cabinets periodically makes changes to its product line and specifications.  If a warranty claim is filed for a discontinued or unavailable item, NTX Custom Cabinets will replace the part(s) under warranty with a new part of the same style or with a similar style currently offered.  Some replacement parts are subject to availability and may differ from those originally supplied.  NTX Custom Cabinets cannot be held responsible for replacement products that may not exactly match installed products.

What is not covered under this warranty?

Defects do not include items beyond NTX's reasonable control, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Most wood species will darken naturally with age.  NTX is not liable for the change in appearance of any product, finished or unfinished, due to this aging process.  Results of aging will be more obvious when using light colored or natural finishes. 

  • This warranty applies only to defects and does not apply to the yellowing or aging of any wood product.  Cabinetry products are wood products.  Extreme conditions will cause any wood product to respond adversely (high/low humidity, temperature, smoke, etc.), such as, shrinkage, swelling, minor gaps, or minor warpage and this warranty does not apply to cabinetry exposed to extreme conditions.  As such, this limited warranty does not apply to any items provided by NTX that are installed or used outdoors.  Mitered door joints are more likely to react to conditions of their environment.  Gaps that may develop in door joints due to the conditions of their environment are not subject to replacement under this warranty.  Painted finishes react differently than stained finishes with normal wood movement and climactic conditions. 

  • Our cabinetry is constructed form several pieces of solid wood and wood veneers on plywood.  Differences in grain pattern and color should be expected.  Wood characteristics naturally occurring, such as, variations in color, grain, mineral streaks, and knots are not considered defects.  Natural characteristics that fall within NTX's specifications shall not be covered under this warranty.  Color variations and color softening in cabinets are a natural occurrence due to species, age, character of cabinets, and exposure to UV light and sunlight.  For these reasons, new and/or replacement cabinets may not match display samples and/or existing cabinets.  Such variations and changes are not considered defects.

  • Painted face frames and doors may eventually have visible cracking around the joint areas.  As such, this will not be covered by NTX Custom Cabinets' warranty.

  • For mitered doors, allow a 0.010" joint gap, 1" on the interior corners of the door for up to 1/3" of the framing width.

  • Mitered doors are not warrantied against joint separations that occurs as a result of high humidity or moisture conditions.

  • Veneered panel doors are not guaranteed to match solid wood framing on the same door in either the raw or finished state.

  • Solid wood moulding color may differ from doors of the same species.

  • Because the individual staves of the panel continue to contract and expand, lines may appear on solid wood panels and offsets may develop from one stave to another.  These will not be considered defective.  To eliminate the chance of stave offsets, NTX recommends utilizing MDF panel options when using painted finishes.  NTX will price and build all paint grade doors to have MDF inside panels unless otherwise requested.  Warranty will be voided on all paint grade cabinet doors that are made with solid wood panels as opposed to MDF panels.

  • All panels and wood doors that exceed 24" wide or 42" high are not warrantied against expansion, warpage, cracking or open framing joints.  Panels or wood doors falling outside of these specifications shall not be replaced under the warranty of NTX Custom Cabinets.

  • Door warpage of up to 1/4" shall not be considered a defect.

  • Upon installation, a cabinet may be forced out of square.  The door(s) of an out of square cabinet will appear to be warped, when in fact they are not.  Please remove all doors and check them on a flat surface for the above stated warpage tolerances before requesting replacement.

  • Manufacturer drawer guides are rated for drawers less than 30" wide and holding no more than 100 LBS.  As such, NTX will not warranty any drawers that do not meet these specifications.

  • Doors and drawer fronts are more prone to warpage if not primed within a certain timeframe.  As such, all cabinetry provided by NTX Custom Cabinets must be primed within 7 days of fabrication.  Warranty will be voided on items not primed within this time period.

  • Defects or damage caused by improper assembly or disassembly by a third party, intentional damage, misuse, product modifications, exposure to the elements, accident, water damage, abuse, improper storage, improper room environment, normal wear and tear, or negligence on the part of persons other than NTX Custom Cabinets shall not be covered by manufacturer's warranty.

  • Cabinets exhibiting any effects on the color and/or integrity of the finish or appearance due to the use of abrasive cleaners, cleaners that contain chlorine, acidic cleaners, scuffing sponges, or steel wool shall not be covered under the terms of this warranty.

This warranty does not cover the cost of removal, subsequent damage, or transportation of the defective product, regardless of whether work was performed by NTX Custom Cabinets, a contractor, service company, or homeowner.​ Our limited warranty covers only the replacement of defective parts and as such, does not cover the (1) labor costs for the original installation, removal, or reinstallation of the replacement part, or the defective part; (2) labor costs or material charges for the removal, reinstallation, repainting, refinishing or replacement of any other items or building materials which must be removed, replaced, reinstalled, or refinished in order to the repair or replace the defective product or component.  For example, costs associated with the following will not be reimbursed: counters, sinks, tiles, flooring, accessories, appliances, or plumbing fixtures.

This warranty does not apply to any products used in conjunction with the cabinetry, such as, countertops, appliances, or plumbing fixtures.

NTX Custom Cabinets will have no liability, under this warranty or otherwise, to any person for consequential, incidental, or special damages, or from the loss of use of any of its products, arising out of or related to any defects in its products even if it is advised that such damage could occur.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.  NTX Custom Cabinets, at its sole discretion, will either repair or replace the defective product.

NTX Custom Cabinets reserves the right to revise this limited warranty with no notification. The latest revision of this warranty presented here will be retroactively applied to all jobs completed by NTX from August of 2020 until the present time.

This warranty is in lieu of other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties or merchantability and of fitness for a particular purchase.  We do not authorize any other person or company to assume, on our behalf, any other liability in connection with the sale of our products.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have rights which vary from state to state. 

This warranty shall not supersede warranties provided by third party manufacturers or products including, but not limited to, drawer hardware, hinges, and pulls.*

How do you obtain a warranty service?

To file a warranty claim request, the original purchaser should contact the authorized NTX Custom Cabinets representative that the product was purchased with.  If the representative is unavailable, please contact NTX Custom Cabinets via email at  All warranty claims are subject to review and denial by the NTX Custom Cabinets team.  This limited warranty covers only the original purchaser and may not be assigned or transferred to another party.  This limited warranty does not apply to landlords, leasing companies, or other commercial purchasers.

This warranty may also be found in the documentation accompanying your purchase receipt.  Proof of purchase is required to obtain benefits from this warranty.

Warranty Timeline

Cabinetry purchased from August 1, 2020 - current: Full Manufacturer's Warranty, As Stated Above

*All drawer guides and hinges are covered under respective manufacturer's warranties.  As such, if you need replacement parts due to non-functionality outside of NTX's warranty period, contact your NTX representative to find out which manufacturer supplied your hardware.  It will be your responsibility to reach out to the manufacturer for a replacement part.  NTX shall not be responsible for installing or providing replacement parts in these instances.

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